Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kahne and Westheimer: Extended Comments

For my extended comments blog, I chose to write about Mary Abby's blog.

I completely agree with her that these projects have helped us grow as future educators. Over the last few weeks, I've seen myself go from being timid talking to the students to taking charge at times in the classroom. One of those moments for me happened last Friday where my teacher was absent. She didn't notify me she was staying home so I still went to my service learning anyways. I got there and was told the kids were going to be split up into classrooms. I stayed and followed three of the kids into a different advisory room and got to help them. I helped of the girls do research for her project. While doing so, it gave us someone one on one time to get know each other better and share tips. While in between looking for articles or when we took a break, she asked me how I liked the class, what I thought of the different class we're in, etc. I had the opportunity though to ask her how she felt I was doing, what could I improve on, and how I could reach the rest of the class better. It kind of reminded me of Delpit. I was teaching the girl the rules of power in doing research and she was teaching me the culture in the classroom.

Learning how to be a better educator and teaching the students, like Kahne and Westheimer mention, is the overall goal for these projects. As Mary Abby and the authors mention, going into schools in poorer neighbourhoods can be daunting. I was kind of nervous at first as the first scenes of "Freedom Writers" and "Lean on Me" played in my head. My expectations have been completely blown away. Had I not gone into the schools, I might have wrongly carried these stereotypes with me all through college and then into my teaching career.


  1. I also chose Mary Abby's blog as the center of my blog. I like how you connected your teaching style to that of Delpit's. Your blog was really nice to read and it helped enforce the point of the reading for me more (:

  2. I enjoyed the personal connections you made regarding your service learning. I especially liked how you spoke about the movies and how they kind of impacted the way you felt. Great Job!!