Monday, November 9, 2015

Finn: Extended Commments

You'll have to excuse the late post. Because of Promising Practices on Saturday, I had this weird idea in my head that Saturday was really Friday and so here I was, on Monday, thinking it was Sunday only to realise I had forgotten to do a blog post!

Anyways, for this post, I decided to use Erica's post as the base for extended comments. I really liked her usage of quotes, connections, and hyperlinks to bring this reading to life. 

Looking at the first quote she pulled from Finn, "The status quo is the status quo because people who have the power to make changes are comfortable with the way things are." (Finn XI). I had the same thought that he took this straight out of Johnson's mouth. Those who have power intend on keeping it that way. Nobody wants to lose out on the privileges they have so to keep that way, those in charge create a "culture of power"  that allows only people from that culture to remain in charge. 

37% of those surveyed thought the key to being in the culture of power was a college education. In order to get to that education, one has to already know how to behave in the culture of power.

Erica's next point about the language used by Finn to a lower level reading class also stuck out to me as a Delpit moment. One of these happened to me this past Friday while at my service learning. Before breaking into advisories, the students of the building were all gathered in the lunch room. The vice principal was about to speak but the students were all talking. She grabbed the microphone and said, "Why is everyone talking?" and I cringed very visibly and thought to myself, "What would Delpit say?" Sure, these kids are in high school and probably had some idea of what she meant, especially since they all quieted down but it still made me cringe.  

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